AllOutMafia Best Online Game

All Out Mafia free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life.

You want to be a real WiseGuy like John Gotti and have other little wiseguys at your feet? You want to have fun? You want to make money? Then, you are at the right place!

Enter the Mafia world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won't have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.

You can purchase cars to do drive by's.

You can form or join an existing family.

Really, in the mafia world, there is not much you can't do! offers a Real Cash Prize each round along with other amazing prizes.


Multiple Accounts Having more then 1 account is strictly forbidden. If we come to believe you are using more than one account, we will remove your account. The chances of getting unbanned for multiple accounts is very slim.
We have now installed a Proxy ip detection security System using proxy ip addreses are no longer viable or allowed ..You not be able to accesses this site by proxy ip address...

Shared Computers As this is a browser based game and therefore difficult to prevent cheating we are very strict about sharing the same computer. Don't even log into your friends computer as it will show as multi and 1 or both accounts will be banned from the game.We take pride in having a cheat free game.This rule applies to 2 people using SAME COMPUTER and NOT ip or 2 computers in same home.

Script Exploitation

If you attempt to or use any script altering codes OR EXPLIOTE ANY BUGS in this game,You will be REMOVED from the game and your ip adress(es) will be BANNED

Enjoy the game!

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